DIY Lattice-Back Shirt


DIY Lattice-Back Shirt via Keeping Change I have been on a cleaning RAMPAGE this week. I’ve recently solidified plans to move out of my current apartment in early 2014, so in premature preparation (or maybe not so premature… the procrastinator in me is used to doing most things very stressfully at the last minute) I have been going through everything in my closet and donating like crazy.

As I was cleaning, I happened upon two identical (one gray, one white) boring Old Navy long sleeved t-shirts that I would typically trash. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to create a little DIY project for myself. It was especially thrilling because I was FINALLY able to cross off one of my bucket list items for the year (well, I technically wanted to sew myself a skirt, but seeing that this was the first time I found enough courage to give my sewing machine a go, I’m crossing it off anyway). See below for how-to details.
DIY Lattice-Back Shirt via Keeping Change

First I flipped each shirt inside out. I decided to use the gray shirt as the base for my pattern, so I cut vertical strips from the bottom of the shirt to the very top of the neckline (careful not to cut above the neckline hem). I cut the entire back off of the white shirt (also inside out) and cut into similarly sized horizontal strips.

Once I created the lattice pattern on the back of the gray shirt with the white strips, I pinned everything into place and sewed along the edges. I could have stopped here and been fine, but I didn’t love the super see-through look of the shirt when the strips sort of curled within themselves (stretchy cotton cut into thin strips tends to do that). To fix, I sewed the top and bottom edge of each white strip in place. DIY Lattice-Back Shirt via Keeping Change

Voila! A new (slightly less boring) lattice-back shirt for me! What do you think?


PS how are you doing on your 5 daily tasks for “happy success“? I’ve been slacking on the daily exercise but otherwise going strong!


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